Community Engagement

Kylin’s current community engagement strategies include:

  • Exposure on Leading Media Channels: We will release additional articles on Forbes, The Block, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph and many other leading media channels.

  • Ecosystem Development Lead Program: We will launch an Ecosystem Development Lead Program to recruit and get more technology and development contributors involved into our project.

  • Promotion of Online and Offline Events: We will publish an article on medium upon the progress of this project. Meanwhile, we will join Polkadot related off-line events and do online AMA sessions to promote the project to the Polkadot community.

Kylin’s future community engagement strategies include:

  • Bounty Program for General Community: We will reward users who contribute positively to community building and content creation through an Ambassador Program. The community management team will be available 24/7 to answer questions and facilitate discussions in community channels.

  • Incentive Program for Dapp Developers: Kylin Network focuses on giving developer support through both offline and online channels. Developers can integrate the data with only a few lines of code. The simplicity of integrating this project makes it easy for any developer to experiment.

  • Mining Program for Node Runners: Kylin Network is targeting a global pool of 100 nodes upon the completed rollout of Kylin Network to achieve the highest degree of decentralization as possible. Gradually, reputable and trusted public nodes will be onboard onto this project to ensure the stability of the network.

  • Incentive Program for Data Providers: After the main functions are completed, we will set up an incentive program to encourage more market data and social data sources as premium data providers for Kylin Network.

  • Potential IPO during Parachain Auction for Community Members: Kylin Network may hold an Initial Parachain Offering (IPO) and reward users for helping our auction with $KYL tokens.

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