Kylin Network

Development Roadmap

Recent Work

Verify Production of Concepts (POC) and Implement Substrate Modules

In this milestone, we will verify features with limited users and launch the testnet for the production of concepts. The implementation of off-chain workers of Substrate Framework will be built and validated.
Apache License 2.0
Documents containing the description of whole architecture design for Kylin Network
Testing Guide
We will provide a full test suite and guide for the POC.
Oracle Node Module Repo
Oracle Node for data feeding built on top of Substrate 2.0 as a customized module written in Rust will store and process the data query request from data consumers, also it will handle the data feeding from miners. The very consensus protocol and the simplest schema of oracle market are implemented inside.
Data Feeding Repo
It handles the query requests from oracle nodes, and feeds the data after processing as requested. It will be implemented with Substrate 2.0, and the major data feeding part will be built with off-chain workers. We will perform configuration and optimization work to make this easier for typical use cases of the Kylin Network.
Datasource Sample Repo
The sample datasource provider provides the data (e.g. the data provider fetches the spot and contract data from derivative exchanges) to be used by miners. It will contain two parts, the Java data retriever to access APIs from exchanges and the NodeJS datasource to handle data feeding.
Data Analytics Sample Repo
The sample of how the data will be analyzed for data analytics. We will provide an interface of the analysis of market data and blockchain data as POC.
Docker Image
The Kylin Network docker image contains the POC version which can be running anywhere to verify the idea of Kylin Network.


2020 Q2 Proof of Concept Core Protocol Prototype Establishment
2020 Q3 Draft and Improvement of the Whitepaper
2020 Q3 Development & Marketing Launch
2020 Q3 Official Whitepaper Publish
2020 Q4 Smart Contract Security Audit
2020 Q4 Private Testnet Release Internally
2021 Q2 Announce Bug Bounty Program
2021 Q2 Mainnet Test Version Online
2021 Q2 Implementing Bridges to Multiple Blockchains
2021 Q3 Mainnet Version 1.0 Online
2021 Q3 Integrating Testnet DApps and Partners to Mainnet