Kylin Network
Application Scenarios
The application scenarios include but not limited to:
  • Decentralized Insurance Automatic Payment: Through the Kylin Network to obtain timely and reliable events outside the insured chain, blockchain-based decentralized insurance can realize automatic payment of insurance such as flight delay insurance.
  • Stable Coins and Crypto Derivatives: Stablecoins and encrypted derivatives need to frequently obtain off-chain real-time price data. Kylin Network can obtain reliable data in multiple scenarios in real time and efficiently.
  • Crypto Asset Lending Platform: Kylin Network can provide real-time and reliable currency prices and borrower’s social media information, providing strong support for the dynamic determination of loan interest rates.
  • Cross-chain Decentralized Exchange: The lightweight Kylin Network interface that can be deployed on multiple chains provides the possibility for decentralized exchanges to realize cross-chain atomic transactions.
  • Decentralized Casinos and Games: On-chain decentralized casinos and games often require safe and reliable random injection. Kylin Network random number engine provides unpredictable and verifiable random number generation.
  • Blockchain Computing Market: Commercial computing such as machine learning training models and 3D rendering needs to complete a variety of complex computing tasks. The off-chain computing market provides verifiable and unlimited off-chain computing capabilities.
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