Team Members and Advisors

The 21-person team and advisor consist of technical, marketing and financial talent coming out of top blockchain projects, schools and employers including Columbia University, Wharton, John Hopkins, Beam, TomoChain, Harmony, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse.

Team Experience

Dylan Dewdney - Project Lead

  • Longtime (2011/12) crypto enthusiast, miner, investor

  • Co-founded Harbour DAO 2017

  • GTM for + Chief Evangelist

  • Head of Growth, AdEx

  • Investor and Advisor to Ramp and other projects

Agbona Igwemoh - Operations & Marketing Lead.

  • Early Crypto Enthusiast & Convener

  • Beam Outreach Growth & Development Lead | Africa

  • Marketing Manager & Business Strategy at Sovereign Wallet Network

  • Co-founder & Ex-Operations Lead Bictory Finance

Sylvain Cormier - Tech Lead

  • Fullstack Blockchain Systems Developer at Hypotenuse

  • Blockchain Systems Developer at Volentix Labs

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